Killing G

Why You Should Think of Risk as a Spectrum.

Finally, some sense.

But there’s no simple equivalent for our current problem, which is avoiding getting sick with COVID-19 and trying not to be a stepping stone for the virus to spread from one person to another. If you can’t abide by strict stay-at-home rules (which were only ever supposed to be a short term fix, and are certainly not an easy way to live one’s whole life), it’s time to start thinking of risk as a spectrum.

But the libs say if you don’t want to stay at home for years, you wanna kill GRAMMMMAAAAA. And why do you want to kill gramma, you gramma-killer?

More seriously, she’s right. The lockdowns were only supposed to be a temporary fix. At most, society can sustain those for 2-3 months before the economy flies apart like a washing machine that you throw a brick into when it’s on spin cycle.

I don’t really give a fuck about the deontological fantasies of the liberals. They have no clue about anything. I’ve seen many of them advocating two-year-long lockdowns. Ok, then. Hope they enjoy feasting on the leather from their own shoes at that point.