By | April 16, 2019

This thread is a good illustration of how so many pseudo-liberals are more concerned with language policing than anything else.

“The wild” is now racist? Huh. I go to the wild areas of Florida all the time. I plan to keep calling them that no matter how racist it might be. If an area has a bunch of animals, trees, and not that many buildings, it’s wild.

You know, when regular people witness stuff like this they think, I don’t want my taxpayer and my kids’ tuition money wasted on this kind of crap. And then academia gets de-funded. I want academia to be funded so I wish no one would engage in this sort of sophistry and holier-than-thou behavior. And to be fair, I think normal people are perfectly correct to have that sort of reaction to linguistic hair-splitting and absurd white-saviorism. It makes part of me want to pull the plug despite all the good I know academics also do, for low pay and little prestige.

But this, this is how a community foot-shoots with alacrity.