Knowledge removal

Even though I did not grow up in Romania, this guy’s experience mirrors mine pretty well.

It reminds me also of the shutdown of That site is where a lot of people in the developing world went to get textbooks and other study materials as they simply could not afford them in their home countries. Reading their agonized posts about how many of them would no longer be able to continue their scholarship due to lack of study materials really made me despise the copyright industry all the more.

It’s quite likely that the copyright hellhounds by blocking access to knowledge contained in delayed or completely prevented some Burundi-based Pasteur from curing cancer, or some Senegalese Einstein from in the future uniting gravity with quantum mechanics.

And no, I am not exaggerating. Artificially restricting knowledge will do that. And it’s all so some rich dude (or far less frequently, dudette) can get a little bit richer.