Left lost

Can these people really have such high Idiot Quotients?

We suspect “foreign investment” is an attractive explanation to some because it is grounded in a settler-nativism (the idea that those in Canada now are more entitled to homes than those not yet here).

I absolutely believe that the people already living somewhere have a 100% more valid claim to housing than people immigrating — especially if the home is only lived in a few days or weeks a year, as is true of many Canadian homes purchased by Chinese nationals. And I’d say that if I myself were immigrating somewhere. (And I’d also say that if they were German nationals, or British nationals or the whitest blindingly whitest of the white nationals from anywhere else.)

And in fact, when I lived in China if I had been denied an apartment because a Chinese citizen had priority I would’ve said, “Yep, that makes complete sense to me!” and moved on.

Look, lefties, your go-to explanation that “everything bad is racism” no matter if that makes sense or not is just not a path to a better world, a real intellectual tradition, or continuing cultural validity.

Ignoring millions of people’s real and valid complaints about globalization and the marginalization of their concerns and communities is just going to stop working, and soon. You are losing the thread and losing the battle, and will lose the war.

(And then you get Trump 2: Way More Effective.)