Liberal Illusions

About the economy, the Republicans are accidentally correct for selfish reasons. All they care about is the stock market and their wealth, not deaths or helping anyone.

But the “liberals” are awfully fucking wrong because they have no idea how the economy works, nor do I have time or inclination to educate them here. Yes, I do own stocks, but I don’t care about that very much. The idea, though, that we’ll suddenly and radically re-order the economy in a few weeks or months to prevent the worst is just utterly delusional.

The world always presents difficult choices. That liberals want to pretend that isn’t the case so they can posture as righteous at the moment doesn’t mean that’s less true. It just means they care more about moral preening than they do about making tough decisions.

Unfortunately, now is the time for difficult decisions — and since the liberals seem only to care about wailing on the ground like contumacious children rather than making those choices, other will (as usual) do it for them.

Seeing all these people on Twitter thinking we can just pause everything for a year or 18 months — just wild, like people believing they’ve been abducted by aliens. Most of them will be dead in a year or two if we do that — and not of any virus.

I wish economics in general weren’t in such a poor state, as more people really need to learn something about it.