Look Again

Oh my god, look at this fucking moron. Of course I am talking about Kevin Drum.

Washington Can’t Solve a Housing Crisis That Doesn’t Exist.

Could this dispshit be any more of an ignorant fuckwad? Unusually, even his commenters take him to task for his latest bit of asshattery. I will quote two of them in toto.

This is grossly misleading. There’s no *national* housing crisis, but huge numbers of people are affected by very real regional housing crises. And these are the very areas where the job growth is greatest, so ever more people are being affected. So yes, we have to build a *lot* more housing in these already very populous areas. Which means greater density. Alas, Kevin hates density, and misses no chance to argue against it, even if it means using national statistics to bury local realities.


It’s not just Kevin, it’s just about anyone who owns a freestanding (and now extremely valuable) home in places like LA, Seattle, or the Bay Area. If you can figure out how to change those people’s minds about living next to a high-rise apartment building instead of another charming little bungalow, we’re all ears.

Averaging rent and median income across the US means nothing. See this post for why.

Kevin Drum is a lying shill, a worthless fuckstick douchecanoe shitstack of human worthlessness. Fuck that guy.