I’ve been using some pro-level image processing software this evening.

The idea of using this on a tablet or a tablet-like or phone-like interface on a PC – fucking ludicrous.

Yeah, I know, 90% of people only consume, never produce. But that 10% is where everything else comes from. There will still need to be an OS and an interface for them – Windows 8, Unity and iOS sure aren’t it.

I have a 30” monitor, and a 23” monitor beside it, and I still don’t quite have enough screen real estate to use this software to its full potential. I could use two 30” monitors, or even three, to be able to use it really well as I need many things open, some of them side-by-side.

Try that on a single-task interface that only allows one things at a time.

I see most people who need to do real work migrating to Linux (perhaps KDE or XFCE) and the pro-level software following them there – meanwhile, everyone else is stuck in the Windows 8 ghetto.