Is lunch getting too expensive?

Was wondering if I had been misperceiving this, or the price of lunch at restaurants really had been creeping up as compared to dinner.

When I was a young man, lunch was often half the price (and sometimes less) of comparable dinner fare.

Now it’s often the same price or only a little discounted.

This has personally made me more likely to bring food to work as why would I pay $12 for lunch and get half the food when I could get more for dinner at $14? Makes no sense economically.

There’s one good Mediterranean place I’ve found locally that charges by weight and since I eat very little compared to most Americans it’s cheap for me, often less than $7.

The other day when I walked out the woman ahead of me was buying lunch by weight as well. My total was $7.64. Her total was $14.61.

This explains very well why most Americans are the size of a house.