Meat Slice

I wonder when meeting in person and bonding over shared interests is going to become socially verboten. Probably not far away. We are already moving away from the world-that-was. These days, meeting not in an online meat market is becoming rarer, and having something “fraudulent” like a shared interest that prompts a connection and a relationship is becoming suspicious…because what if he (or she) only developed that interest to be a better person, and thus more attractive to others? Isn’t that deception? That’s deceit and dupery, right? One should only be judged on how one appears and nothing else. This is the world we are moving to, try to deny it all you want.

The incels are not completely wrong in their ideas — just that blaming and harming women won’t help in any way, and is morally corrupt.

The future really isn’t going to be cooler.