Mental illness

The American left has descended into full-blown mental illness about Trump being sort of Russian intelligence asset.

Looking back, I can’t believe I ever avidly read Sarah Kendzior or trusted her on anything — she’s no better than the wackiest HAARP/chemtrails conspiracy theorist out there now.

Not that it’s just Kendzior, of course. It’s much if not most of the Left. Never thought in my lifetime I’d see the resurgence of McCarthyism, especially from the side from which it has been renascent this time around. So very bizarre.

The Left’s story is now basically that the entire election was determined by Russia and that they are somehow effectively mind-controlling Trump and perhaps other people in government.

Sure, sounds likely.

My title for this piece was “mental illness” and I do think conspiracy theories count as a low-grade form of it — so in this case I was not exaggerating.