I live in a household that makes a lot of money. Not bragging. It’s just true. Somewhere over four times the median household income — not including all the extra non-wage income that I make.

Sometimes, I find $70 or $100 in a coat pocket or pair of pants that I just forgot was there. I often make more in a day trade than many families earn in a month.

Know how inconceivable those ideas would’ve been to my family when I was a kid? Hell, we were overjoyed when one of us found a pair of dimes in the couch cushions or a quarter dropped on the ground.

Yet housing still seems expensive even to me — and I don’t live in a high housing cost area.

Where I am going with this is that I have no goddamn idea how the average American household manages to afford to live anywhere at all and still have any sort of life. If you have two kids, make the median household income, and must have at least one car to work, how can you make it?

You can’t, if you want to retire. If you want your kids to do well. If you want to do anything other than barely scrape by.

This is deeply immoral. It’s unjust. Our society is cruel, and truly malevolent to those who don’t somehow manage to do well.

It’s not sustainable. It will end badly.

Think Trump is tragic?

Just wait.