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Sexuality is weird because there are people absolutely 100% convinced that the thing that many people really, really like could not be liked by anyone. The people who do not enjoy an activity just cannot understand it’s possible that someone enjoys whatever sexual practice — and to me that’s so odd. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been with more women than most men, and more partners than most women have? So I’ve just seen a lot.

Not that my count is absurdly high, but I’ll use one example that doesn’t identify anyone. Stop reading if you’re American, because this will be too much for you. Your prudish nature is just not gonna like this.

I had a girlfriend that really, really liked it when I came on her face. She loved it in fact. I have absolutely no attraction to this and it doesn’t turn me on but I did it because it made her happy. She very much wanted this and asked for it often.

And I’ve heard many women say that absolutely no women like this, it’s degrading, etc. But that’s bullshit because she’s not the only woman that told me she enjoys it, but she’s the only one I’ve done that particular activity with. (And yes, I did ask her if she was doing it for me, letting her know that I didn’t care about it but was glad to do it for her. And she was not doing because she thought I liked it. She truly did love it.)

So be very, very, very, very (very! very!) skeptical of any claims that “no one could possibly like that” because you are almost certainly wrong every time.