More research

Someone needs to do way more research.

  1. The first IBM PC was released in 1981, not 1983.
  2. Windows 95 was not (originally) bundled with Internet Explorer.
  3. USB was not a replacement for SCSI. It was a replacement for serial and other slow buses. It later evolved.
  4. There were really no consumer PCs with built-in or pre-installed NICs in 1995, as back then a NIC was $200+. And he calls them “Ethernet jacks” for some reason, which is something totally different.
  5. The article shows a PSone, released in 2000, not 1995.
  6. The PlayStation didn’t pioneer disc-based gaming. I think the Sega CD and several others had been out for a few years by that point. Certainly it helped to popularize it more but “pioneer” is completely wrong.

I am sure there are many, many other inaccuracies but those are the ones I noticed right away.

If you’re going to get some clueless fucking millennial intern to research your tech history, make sure they actually do the research.

Or just get someone who lived it. That’ll be easier.