Mustelid Murine

Yep. I’ve worked my ass off (actually, my ass size has increased, but you know what I mean) for going on five months now and people are just now noticing any difference. I could tell, but to most people it wasn’t apparent.

And I’m working out much harder than even most lifters do! For instance, the day before yesterday I did squats, leg curls, leg lifts, scissor kicks, calf raises (all of 30+ reps with weights, the bodyweight ones 90+ reps), and then yesterday I did deadlifts (135×7 warm-up, 225×5, 295×5, 245×5, 245×5 fast as I could do them), and then I took a nap and did pull-ups until I couldn’t do them anymore, dumbbell presses, isolation curls, tricep extensions, and then chest flies — all of 30+ reps with as much weight as I could lift.

That’s two days of working out and that is typical for me. That is just about as much working out as you can do without overtraining. In fact, today, I am not doing anything as literally everything is sore.

My point is that it takes great effort, even for men, to get more muscular. No one is going to accidentally look like Hugh Jackman. It’s just not a thing that can happen. I’m pushing my body as hard as I possibly can right now and though it is changing, it is slow. It’ll take 2-3 years more of this to get truly muscular again.