My most

Today I was thinking about the intersection of controversiality and correctness of opinions that I hold.

After sifting through, I think the opinion that is both most repugnant to the most people and the most likely to be correct is this one: that most objections — especially objections from women — against sex work and against sex robots is that this disapproval is not expressed for any moral reason, even if that’s the stated one. And it’s not about protecting other women, or about trafficking or any of those cosmetic reasons.

As far as I can tell, it’s anger about competition. About possible better competition.

You can tell by the absolute fury both ideas evoke — said fury that is expressly not brought about by actual human slavery or murder. Or even actual rape.

So that is my most controversial opinion that I think is most likely (about 80% in my estimation) to be the right take.

Get your angry faces out!