Net jobs

Friday I was trying to calculate how many jobs companies I work for or had worked for had eliminated in the past few years. I ended up estimating about 5,000 jobs automated out of existence.

Since the companies who’ve employed me aren’t very large, and not much hiring occurred in lieu of these 5,000 jobs, that means I personally (if you want to map job loss to employees in companies where I work as a direct ratio), eliminated around 11 jobs.

That sounds about right.

This is the way the economy works now. I am the automation you read about and disbelieve is occurring.

One company I work for part time and another I work for full-time is in the process at this very moment of taking on two different large accounts. We are going to automate absolutely everything. Job losses will be around 130 people. They will be replaced with: one part-time employee, one SQL server with some scripts, one good backup system and Azure geo-redundancy.

Net job loss: 129.5.

This is happening all over now. It will only get worse. It’s not some future contingency to deal with. It is the present. When I go into work next week, some people who had jobs doing well-compensated work will no longer have those jobs.

Can’t get more real than that.