new grammar

No matter how hard I try, I cannot understand Instagram or why anyone would use it. Why do you want to make your photos look worse? Just, why?

This past winter, during an especially large snowfall, my Facebook and Twitter streams became inundated with grainy photos that shared a similarity beyond depicting massive amounts of snow: many of them appeared to have been taken on cheap Polaroid or perhaps a film cameras 60 years prior.

The ubiquity of services like Instagram and my extreme aversion to claptrap like that really reinforces my severe disconnection from how most people perceive the world, and what they value.

What is interesting to me is that many of those producing faux-vintage photos are too young to ever have taken any photo with a poor-quality analog camera, nor have they ever waited the few minutes for a Polaroid photo to develop.

Baudrillard would love this – the simulation becoming the meaning; the symbol detached and representing only itself.