No animations

Google is going and making the same old mistakes in GUI design as has been done a million times, but can’t even recognize it because they are the “best and brightest” in their own eyes.

It can do things that physical paper can’t, like grow and shrink with animations. Those animations were important to Google, because they help users understand where they are inside an app. "A lot of software … kind of feels like television or film in terms of jump cuts," Wiley says, causing you to lose your sense of time and place. For apps, you want something more akin to a stage play. "It’s going from one moment to the next," he says, "that scene change, and what’s happening onstage is choreographed and transitioned, and there’s meaning."

Here’s what animations do: they slow me down. They slow my device down. They make it harder to tell what is going on in 99% of cases.

They are designed to appeal to the first-use “wow” factor and little else. This sort of animation-heavy design suffers greatly with continued use.

I always disable all animations (if possible) the moment I get a product.

As for the rest of it, it looks like a poor copy of Windows 8.