No easy answers

The primary effects of the “open borders” mentality will be to more quickly reduce and eliminate the welfare state, and to decrease even further societal trust and cohesion.

If this isn’t important, or we see it as inevitable, perhaps we should just declare it to be so, open the borders wide and taper off unto elimination Medicaid, unemployment insurance, WIC, CHIP, TANF, SNAP, Medicare and Social Security.

We could try changing human nature but historically that hasn’t worked out so well. Resulted in millions of deaths every time we’ve made a go of it. Want another go? I don’t.

This is just a guess, but I suspect the US could sustain around 5% non-native-born population and still have the political will to maintain those programs. Above that, I doubt it. At around 12% now, there’s absolutely no chance.

I wish these weren’t the choices on offer. But the world is as it is.

This is above and beyond the right that I believe people should have to decide who lives in their own country — that somehow in America (but only in America) we believe immigrant rights should abolish and supersede non-immigrant rights.