No Gold Anywhere

By | June 12, 2019

I am not defending the insulting Gold article, but this speciousness is equally delusional.

It matters whether Gold used to be fat. If she didn’t, she’s really just a horrible person. If she did, she makes me sad, and is also a pretty horrible person. A lot of formerly fat or temporarily not-fat people hate on fat individuals with an extra intense fervor because they need to justify all the suffering they’ve gone through to force their bodies into a shape it doesn’t want to be.

I don’t give a fuck what shape my body wants to be. I’ll make it the shape I want it to be. And I didn’t suffer even a little bit to do it — I ate higher-quality food that made me feel fuller, and I enjoy working out a great deal.

And “temporarily non-fat?” No, I will never be fat again. Lost weight a decade ago and didn’t put any of it back on. In fact, due to working out, I am currently not able to eat enough consistently to gain any more muscle — the main reason I haven’t set any new personal lifting records recently. Weighed myself and I am down to 159 pounds, when I was attempting to get to 170 pounds. Dammit. (But the difference between me and the FA people is that I will work to correct this and will hit my goal.)

I agree that the Gold article is pretty bad. But the strange denial of reality in the Fat Acceptance community is arguably just as bad, and is as Gold points out harmful to many, many people.

The amount of lies people tell themselves to allow them to believe they have no control over their body or their life at all is really shocking when you think about it. Sure, it isn’t easy, but if you don’t exert some control, no one else will. Carpe tibi!