No more MacBooks

Also looks like I will never buy another MacBook from Apple, either. I already won’t buy any phone with no headphone jack.

To make room for that, Apple completely got rid of the function keys that’ve been at the top of Mac keyboards for years. Physical esc key? Gone.

No physical escape key means no sale. I use that about 40 times a day.

Apple, including with their latest OS release “Sierra,” seems to have just completely given up on pleasing anyone but their absolute stupidest users.

Don’t see this as a winning strategy for them with Chromebooks and other similar fare available at far cheaper prices.

Was hoping some company would step up and offer a real workstation-class OS for pro users. Looks like it’s not going to happen, though.

(And no, Linux isn’t this OS. Can’t even support high-DPI or mixed DPI correctly even now.)