No reason

It’s been a losing battle, and one I’m tired of fighting — when Mozilla/Firefox finally disallows XUL and XPCOM add-ons, I will stop using Firefox and switch to either Chromium or Chrome (haven’t decided yet).

When Firefox becomes a complete knock-off of Chrome without any ability to even customize it, what reason is there to use Firefox? The Mozilla Foundation simply does not possess the resources, the interest or the future of a company as large as Alphabet. All the things Firefox is attempting, Chrome always has and will continue to do better. I expect further mass abandonment of Firefox at that time, too, as all the power users jump ship with me.

I can control privacy with firewalling, mostly, keeping myself safe from Chrome’s data thieving.

Firefox has no future due to the parent organization’s own poor decisions. And I’m tired of fighting to customize it. When whatever version breaks XUL add-ons is released, that will be my last day using it.