No Wait

He’s talking about the monetary aspect mostly I think, but there’s also a class-based resentment angle there. Think about it this way: you’re raised middle class or upper middle class, you take out student loans to go to college for four years, emerge $80,000 in debt, and then some “deplorable” who attended a trade school for a year is making twice what you make with little to no debt. You were inculcated with the idea that you were no one and nothing if you didn’t go to university, and now you can only find a job at the Starbucks part-time.

Feels bad, man.

A whole generation is realizing they’ve been lied to and exploited — and mostly by people who profess to love them. This combined with the pandemic, climate change, and ever-heightening inequality is going to make for some crazy times in the near future. Just wait. But you won’t have to wait long.