Not very bright is Bright

Is this guy some sort of idiot? The evidence says yes.

What’s a bit strange is that people are even looking for it in the first place.

While early PCs had dumb power switches that unceremoniously cut the power to the machine, the use of electronic power buttons—buttons that can tell the operating system to perform an orderly system shutdown before killing the power—have been a feature since the introduction of the ATX specification in late 1995. Any system on the market today can be shut down by pressing the same button that you used to turn it on. On the face of it, at least, this should make the on-screen button fairly unimportant.

I can think of dozens of scenarios (not all of which I will list) that this dumbass apparently can’t imagine where having a software power switch is far better and easier than having to find the physical power button each time. To wit:

1) The machine is in a cabinet where getting to the physical power button is incovenient.

The machine is in a locked kiosk for public use.

3) The household has lots of kids and/or cats and the physical power button is disabled in software to avoid being accidentally turned off once booted.

4) The user is handicapped and is physically unable to reach the button.

5) The PC is in another room, and is remoted into.

You get the picture. This idiot Peter Bright (I guess it is opposite day, as “bright” he is not) seems to be unable to conceive of any use for an operating system, or any way or reason for using it, that he has not personally taken part in.

People like him are why I sometimes hate being associated with IT.