Nota bene

A note about my other blog.

I assume my few readers are discerning. As such, sometimes I post items on the other blog that I disagree with as long as they are thoughtful and well-reasoned. And some that I only agree with partially and any combination thereof. Or even items that might directly contradict something I post here.

And no, I usually won’t say which is which. That is not the purpose of that blog for me.

Assuming you know what I think about something from what I post on the other site…heh, good luck with that.

If I write about it here, you’ll have some idea. Over there, good luck. The other blog is not (usually) to pursue some ideology, but rather to spur thought. Though I vow to slam the FAs and MRAs on either blog relentlessly, so there’s that.

But Epicene Cyborg is a space for wide thought, not conclusions. If you think you know what I think from reading that blog alone you’re probably really wrong.

And this has been a public service announcement courtesy of my own bad self.