By | January 30, 2018

Oh. Oh my.

I want that so badly that my hand was reaching for my credit card and I had to grab it with my other hand to stop it.

Right now, I have nothing to run it on and it won’t work with my 5K iMac but that glorious creation would be so beautiful that it’s almost worth all the money it’d take to make it work. Alas, I’d have to use Windows 10 which is just about the only reason I am not really considering it. At least one hand is not. The other hand is still trying for that credit card.

Luckily, 8K is the highest resolution even my very-picky eyes can discern so that is all I’d need.

I wish 4K adoption had not been so slow. People have no taste, and can accept browsing on a smartphone rather than actually using something that looks attractive and works decently.

Ah, 8K, one day you will be mine.