Old some

It doesn’t take being sexist to dislike Joanna Newsom’s voice. I can’t stand it though I recognize her abilities.

I also really, really dislike Tom Waits and Bob Dylan — both for their voices. And Neil Young. Even Billy Corgan’s voice — which I used to be ok with — mostly just annoys me now.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that most men who dislike Newsom do so for sexist reasons. But I dislike her voice because it’s about as musical as screeching brakes on a truck.

This is more my style in unconventional voices. A true classic from a woman not of this planet.

I watched that on live TV way back in 1994. Though I’d been listening to Mazzy Star for several years before that, I’d never seen Hope Sandoval perform. I remember it well because I had no idea an actual living breathing human could seem so utterly alien and unknowable, and wise and fey like Galadriel in the book version of LOTR (but not the movies).

That she did not become more well-known is a sad commentary on our entire culture.