Olden Times

Modern macOS Is Now Older Than Classic Mac OS Was In 2001.

Well, that did indeed make me feel old, especially since I was using computers well before classic MacOS even came out. My first computer was a TRS-80 that my dad got used by trade, doing mechanic work for someone. I remember pretty well when original MacOS was released as that was about the time I started reading computer magazines in earnest. Yep, I was eight years old, but remember I’d already started reading adult books and magazines (like National Geographic, etc.) two years before. Computer magazines were far less challenging than NatGeo.

Anyway, of course the wisdom of the time was that GUIs were for loser incompetents, and real computer users stuck only to the command line always. Some of that still persists though more computer types these days recognize using the right tool for the job. Hell, even recalcitrant Cisco provides a suite of quite useful GUI tools that are far superior to the command prompt for most things — something they said they’d never do.