On losing

Below, about losing weight, I don’t want to make it seem easier than it was.

It was not all that easy, especially at first. My comparisons are off, as my partner frequently reminds me. My definition of “easy” is far from other people’s, due to my background and proclivities.

Many times, my definition of “not that hard” amounts to “did not lose any limbs or major organs.”

Probably not what most people’s definition is, I am guessing.

But sometimes, even now, I am still hungry. The other day I was thinking about Kate Miller-Heidke’s music and then about the singer herself. Due to eating even less than normal I was quite hungry, so my thoughts drifted unconsciously in this direction: Hmm, Kate Miller-Heidke, she’s cool, I wonder what her favorite food is?

In other words if you can’t stand being hungry, you will probably not be able to lose weight. Me, I can stand about anything if I want to, so there’s that.