One last time for the nostalgia

As I’ve seen more skinny shaming over the years, I’ve always wondered why so many people come up with so many excuses for why they are fat?

Does it seem to most people like something they have no control over?

It never seemed that way to me. It’s not your genetics. It’s not your conditions. No one but you puts the food in your mouth. Simple as that.

I always knew precisely why I was as large as a barge: I ate too goddamn much.

With a few quite minor and overestimated-by-most-people variations, weight is simply calories in, calories out.

I’d be a lot more prone to not smack down the FA movement at every turn if they didn’t constantly engage in anti-scientific skinny-shaming crap. They also promote really unhealthy ideas that directly harm people.

I grew up in a place where 30 years ago obesity was already as bad as it is now in the rest of America. I remember my friends and I would go to Burger King or the rib joint and see people order two plates of food and a “Diet Coke, cuz I’m watching my weight.” Ok then.

I’m almost tempted to gain 100 pounds and lose it again to demonstrate it can be done even by someone who is not a personal trainer.

But I do not like being hefty.

Antidote. Look at those triceps. Good lord that takes a lot of work. (I know just how much thanks to the army.)

(That’s Qimmah Russo, by the way.)

(Also by the way, of course having a body like that is not realistic for most people. It takes working out around two hours a day, bare minimum. I used to work out 2-4 hours every weekday. Did that for five years. So, yeah, I do know.)