Jan 15


Yes. Ignore this shit and ignore feminist dating advice, which is also mostly fecal in nature.

Feminists will hate this, but the best way to date lots of people is to ask lots of people on dates. I found this out myself at a job where everyone was pretty much asking everyone else out. I asked out about 20 women I was interested in over the course of a few years. Two said yes. A couple also asked me out. I said yes to both of them. That’s two more than would’ve said yes had I asked no one, which is by far my natural inclination.

Dating is hell and I am glad I am not doing that anymore, but one definitely way to be successful is to just try lots of things and see what works. But ignore MRAs and feminists completely. They will steer you wrong every time.

Jan 14

Not Remotely

Mostly, it’s not middle managers who are against remote work — it’s executives and MBA types who get a thrill from seeing their minions trapped in offices, at their beck and call. It’s part of a status competition between upper executives, mainly.

Jan 13

Good Soc

Just to be clear about something, I am indeed very good at the “IT” part of the IT field, but the reason I’ve succeeded so well over the years is that I don’t have the social skills of a wanky dipshit, unlike a lot of folks in my field.

If you have decent social skills and are a good writer or communicator, you’re already at least 70% of the way to success in any career.

Jan 13

The Us-ual

People are really surprised that Lupita Nyong’o didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for her performance in Us?

In case no one noticed, Us was a horror film, which other than for effects nearly never get nominated for anything in any Oscar category. That it happened to be by far the best movie released in 2019 doesn’t matter a whit. The snub had nothing to do with racism and everything to do with general anti-horror attitudes.

Jan 13


I’m always utterly shocked and disappointed when I return to the US from an overseas trip and have to eat American food again. We have the worst food culture and the lowest-quality food in the entire world.

Jan 12


Social norms only work if they are implicit and flexible to some extent, while spelling them out transitions them more into the realm of law rather than norm.

Jan 11


That is correct. Similarly, #metoo became about upper middle class women ruthlessly enforcing their assortative mating preferences and advertising their extreme sexual dysfunction.

I wish it weren’t true, but it is.

Jan 10


Vulture capitalism gradually eroding all American businesses. The looting has barely started. It’ll get worse.