Aug 30

Windows nein

This is terrible news.

As for Windows 10, WZOR says it will be a cloud OS.

NOPE. Fucking double nope.

Looks like I will be stuck on Windows 7 until it is completely unusable, as the interface apocalypse that all other OSes have become makes them unsuitable for anyone who does more than look at LOLcats and click on the “Like” button through the drool slavered all over their keyboards.

I will sooner give up my computer and all internet access altogether than use a cloud OS. Truly.

Aug 30


If you think Ben Affleck is going to be bad as Batman, just wait until Larry Summers is the next Fed chair.

Shows how truly corrupt our system is, and that nearly anything good is the result of inertia and past investment more than anything else.

But now we are in the extractive phase, and that will have consequences. Most people are too self-deluded now to realize what’s happening. I call this the “bad news won’t affect me” cognitive flaw, in that they assume because their life now is good, society-altering consequences can’t reach them because they haven’t yet.

Aug 30


Hardly anyone ever comments anyway, but I’ve disabled comments on this blog. Anyone who knows me can email me. That I value. The rest I don’t really care about.

And it’s not that I don’t value other people’s thoughts and opinions in the abstract at least, but drive-by comments on blogs by people who know very little about me or typically about the subject at hand are almost always a waste of time. That’s just my personal opinion on the matter – others find much value in their blog’s comment section and I can understand and respect that.

For most people comments are usually enabled as social validation and to the extent that I need that, the blog itself suits the purpose. Truth is I’d probably write it anyway even if no one read it (which is nearly the case as it is!).

My thoughts formerly were the diametrical opposite, but as the internet has changed and has become less valuable and less useful to people like me, my thoughts have changed as well.

Aug 30

Also don’t buy

I’d add to this list “don’t buy ornamental hiking shoes.”

I have a pair of them. Of course I didn’t know that until I tried to walk on something slick. These shoes – which straddle the line between shoes and boots – resemble hiking shoes. A perfect imitation. They were even well-reviewed. And they do really well until you get them near anything wet and/or mildly slippery.

One time my partner and I were on a boardwalk with some moss on its surface and she was walking fine and I looked like I was starring in the Ice Capades.

Have to get better ones soon.

Aug 29

A good French TV show. Quelle Surprise!

Can you believe there is actually a quite good French TV show now?

Yeah, neither can I. But it is good.

Anyone who has ever seen French TV before knows how unusual this is. All French TV except some of their live music shows is absolutely atrocious, seeming produced by blind wombats and written by aphasic automatons.

Also, Jenna Thiam’s amazing hair is a character all by itself. It doesn’t actually look like that in the show, but even there it is very noticeable.

It’s worth watching despite having the special effects budget of a high school musical.

Aug 27


Reading this, it reminds that over the past year the fiction I’ve read has been 90%+ YA.

This is for a few reasons:

1) No ridiculous literary pretensions that make many books so incredibly boring.

2) The writing is usually better. Lit-fic just tries too hard for me. Most of those writers aren’t nearly as clever as they think they are, and rely on wordplay and metaphors I thought of and rejected when I was 9.

3) YA is thus more fun.

4) And one of the most important reasons for me is that YA almost always has well-rounded, interesting female characters even if they are not the actual protagonist(s) or antagonist(s).

5) And relatedly, YA almost never features 45-year-old men from Brooklyn having mid-life crises. This has been done to death, and I have no interest in reading it.

If you aren’t reading YA right now, you are doing yourself a huge literary disservice, very similar to the self-slight of not watching all the great television shows of the last 10+ years.

Aug 26


About Twilight, I have no interest in it and will never read it – not because it is aimed at women, but because it is badly written (I have read enough of it to know this – it could’ve been written by Dan Brown) and because the relationship dynamics in it are terrible and un-feminist.

However, I am glad it exists. Without Twilight, many many other books I’ve read and enjoyed over the past few years probably would’ve not been published.

So, thanks Stephenie Meyer for publishing a poorly-written series of novels that somehow got massively popular despite being as retrogressive as drawing and quartering.

Without you and your tin ear and 16th-century worldview, books like The Hunger Games series, Viral Nation, Ex-Heroes and many others might never have made it to print.

And a good portion of those (mostly) female readers who enjoy Twilight will grow up and branch out and make it more likely that more fiction with interesting female protagonists gets written.

Like a herd of cows shitting all over a field, Stephenie Meyer has provided the fertilizer that is producing and will produce many good things.

Aug 26


I don’t really care that much one way or the other, but I think Ben Affleck is actually pretty perfect to play Batman if you think about the role.

Seem somewhat innocuous and uncomfortable when not in the suit, but who can still be charming at need? Affleck has that.

Be intimidating and gruff when in the suit? Affleck can do that.

Batman is not a difficult role. Who really gives a crap who plays him.

What would’ve been really fun is if they’d cast a woman in the role.