Sep 15

Working In

About the below post, do those workouts really seem incredibly difficult to most people? Get in a routine and it’s just something you do.

Those are easy, easy workouts compared to the shit I used to do in the army.

Sep 15

Half Ag

You can’t get Zac Efron’s body. And you shouldn’t try.

Half-agreed, mainly due to that it’s not really healthy to use diuretics and to be so persistently dehydrated. But those workouts Chris and Zac were doing? They’re not that hard. I work out harder than Chris Pratt did and about the same as Zac Efron did.

I work out more frequently than Zac, but do fewer exercises each time. I work out three days on, one day off, and alternate arms/back and legs/abs. None of my workouts are all that easy, though, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not a superhuman effort. I also try to change it up so I don’t lose interest and quit.

I’m just really tired of reading articles about how wallowing in loserdom is the only thing you can do — because that is a lie. Wallow in loserdom or not. It’s your choice. I choose not to, that’s all. You could do the same.

Sep 15

Best Time

Yep. Tons of dipshit clowns have told me it’s “impossible,” but I work best between midnight and 4am or so. That’s when I am most alert and awake. Any other time, I am significantly less intelligent and less likely to come up with good ideas.

Sep 14

Chains of Beaning

The unions are right and I support them 100%

But if you think inflation is bad now, just wait. Transitory, mmmhmmm.

Sep 14


I wonder if in 100 years we’ll look back at the time of Covid and marvel that people did for a while sincerely believe and argue that no one really needed social contact, or to go to a restaurant, or to see friends and family in person.

Maybe not; maybe our successors will be firmly ensconced in the pods by then, eating bugs alone, looking back at us as the troglodytes who actually went out in person and did things with people in the same room.

But I hope not.

Sep 13

Borked to Hell

Letting developers set up infrastructure is just a bad idea. Saw the results of that today when I had to spend several hours on the phone troubleshooting some severely broken stuff.

I set it up again myself from scratch and with it all fully working in less than 15 minutes.

Sep 13


No, that was never controversial. It’s only in our modern age that we believe everyone not only has the obligation but the sacred duty to be surveilled 24/7, with the liberals cheering for that just as hard as anyone else.

Sep 13


The nicest restaurant I’d ever been to up until my early 20s was Red Lobster.