Aug 09


I used to love using Firefox, but now it just makes me angry.

It’s really difficult to stop using a piece of software you’ve used for so long, but in the next few weeks it’ll be time to make the switch to Chrome/Chromium.

End of an era and all that.

Aug 08

Very clever indeed

Very clever for liquid capital to cause large masses of society to support open borders and unrestricted immigration for “humanitarian” reasons, when these same forces have precipitated the crises in the countries from which people are fleeing.

Of course this is all in service of disruption of both the societies from which the displaced are fleeing, and they ones into which they find themselves. Reducing wages, sowing political discontent and nativism, breaking political systems — all of these are goals, and being achieved quite well.

Absolutely brilliant, from a dispassionate, Machiavellian point of view: using people’s (especially liberals’) compassion and desire to assist those in need to destroy societal relations and to advance the interests of the 1% and liquid capital.

It’s just genius, and even more so because most don’t and aren’t permitted by their own ideology to ever discover the con.

Aug 08

London 1918

One of the major flaws of Wonder Woman was too much of characters focusing on Wonder Woman’s attractiveness and too little focus on how unusual and extraordinary she would have seemed in 1918 London — far more and in utterly different ways than the movie stressed.

People wouldn’t have noticed that she was pretty. At least not at first. They’d have noticed that she was an assertive, dominant giant.

Average male height in the UK in 1918 was around 168cm. I can’t find specific figures for London, but at that time people in most major (especially very polluted cities like 1918 London) were shorter. But we’ll go with 168cm or 5’6″.

There is no canonical source for Wonder Woman’s height, but many list her as being 6’3″ or 190.5cm. Gal Gadot is herself 5’10” or 178cm.

Gadot herself — not Wonder Woman — would’ve towered over the average man of the time, and would’ve likely been taller than nearly every man she encountered — if using only Gadot’s natural height, not Wonder Woman’s likely stature. In other words, Gadot herself would’ve been nearly a head taller than most men of that time.

Wonder Woman, though, would’ve been just herculean as compared to the average male in 1900s London. She would’ve absolutely stuck out (not for that alone, but certainly for that more than her beauty).

Gwendolyn Christie is 6’3″. Here she is next to a guy who is 5’8″. Consider that the average male height at the time was a full two inches shorter than that.

Aug 07


Finally saw Wonder Woman.

Not much to say about it. Poorly written and with too many pointless action sequences and with not enough dialog.

Thank the gods, though, for Gal Gadot. She is truly a superhero because she alone saved the movie. Without her, that twaddle wouldn’t’ve been worth a viewing.

But she makes it worth it. Ignore the plot, ignore most of the action sequences, but watch it for Gadot and her portrayal. She takes the godawful dialog and forges it into something witty and interesting, and somehow vivifies trite scenes I’ve viewed in a dozen other films, importing life and fun into them from who knows where.

Aug 06


The sexual “morality” of the left and the right is strikingly similar, though framed very differently: the left frames it as “protection from harm” while the right frames it as “propriety and modesty” but since both dwell in and unconsciously take their propensities from the culture in which both dwell, essentially they are both sex-phobic, with the left pretending to be sexually open — but they aren’t really at all.

I’m one of the few liberals who has dwelled in both very conservative, patriarchal cultures and extremely left-wing ones, and sexually, most Americans are comically repressed.

A work friend of mine who is not American says things constantly like, “Gah! Americans are such prudes!” And she’s not talking about conservatives.

The average left-wing “sexually open” American would in Germany be considered a puritan goody-goody.

But it’s the culture; hard for people to see when they’re in it.

Aug 04

Tune changing

As the Northwest Boils, an Aversion to Air-Conditioners Wilts.

Funny how all the sanctimonious “No one really needs air conditioning” claptrap disappears when it starts getting really hot, like it does in the South.

I utterly despise cold, but if there were no AC, I’d not live south of New York state. About half of the country would not be very survivable without cool air piped in, and I’d certainly not be able to work — especially not doing anything remotely intellectual.

Aug 03


Charter has moved millions of customers to new—and often higher—pricing.

Yep! And are also completely unreliable. Until we switched to AT&T fiber, Spectrum’s service would go down as often as 20 times a day. For weeks. In fact, when we called to cancel our account after not using it for nearly a month, the service was down. The rep told me over the phone.

Thus, the switch to AT&T. Despite my trepidation, it’s completely reliable, 3.5 times as fast (and 25x as fast up), and costs $30 per month less.

Fuck you, Spectrum. Fuck you very much.