Jul 16

Walk on down

It’s way, way too far out to do this but I’m doing it anyway.

With all the soothsaying savvy at my command, I predict that Scott Walker will be the Republican nominee and if the economy is in a downward trend during the presidential election, he will be the next president of the United States.

If the economy is in an upward or flat trend, it will be Hillary Clinton, narrowly, and Bernie Sanders will be her running mate.

Jul 15

From the Wild West to Portlandia

The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?

Not intending to get into deep sociological analysis here. Like most things I write on this blog, this is reactionary and typed up in five minutes or less.

But I miss the old web. Before social networks and the vast invasion of the stupid people and the corporate conquest and subjugation. It really was a bit of a weeder when it was more difficult to do anything useful.

People are content to give away their life and their freedom for 10% off at Outback. I will never, ever understand this. Fuck those people and everything they stand for, everything they are. We have no common ground at all.

At least I got to live through the wild west of BBSes and the early web, and to feel that promise even if at the time I recognized it as probably false.

Humans are like any other animal: their own doom and their own nemesis. Why would we be immune from any natural laws that govern other creatures? We are not. We’re just acting out an old, old play on a larger stage.

History, prove me wrong. But is so very rarely does.



To stamp out anonymity with the intention of making a more civil or humane online environment is to choose a technological solution that merely papers over the underlying social and political problems.

–Jacob Silverman, Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection

Jul 12


What the fuck is wrong with Mozilla?

Drop FTP support? Why, why would you ever do this?

FTP sites for downloads are incredibly common. This would be an enormous mistake and even regular users would be turned off as their browser would often appear “broken.”

Of course the goal is to push people to app stores and other walled gardens, so in that context this makes perfect sense.

Fuck Mozilla.

Jul 11

WebRTC drone striking you

WebRTC being used now by embedded 3rd party on http://nytimes.com to report visitors’ local IP addresses.

Yet another technology implemented by Mozilla in Firefox with nary a thought to its potential harm.

In Firefox to disable, do:

§Enter “about:config” in the address bar and press enter
§Press the button “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
§Type in “media.peerconnection.enabled” in the search bar
§Right-click the entry choose “Toggle”, the column “Value” should now be “false”

This vulnerability is also present in Chrome but I don’t and won’t use that privacy-thieving piece of shit so I have no idea how to disable it there.

Jul 11

Noisy Lucidity

Lucid dreaming for a while this morning.

I was morphing bodies and other cool stuff, Mystique-like.

As I was beginning to wake up, I actually forced myself to stay in the dream. Been a long time since I’ve done that.

Two tiers of thought: surface and reverie — is like thinking with two linked brains concurrently. It feels very strange, like being two people at once.

Lucid dreaming is the nearest thing I know to living in another world altogether.

Jul 11


Ellen Pao is now gone as CEO of Reddit. Good riddance even if it was some strategy to enact unpopular changes and then have a scapegoat. I don’t believe the Reddit staff is that smart, personally.

But at least one person at Slashdot understands what the bans were really about.

Don’t mistake what the FPH ban was : a political move to gain mainstream political correctness point in the eyes of the HAES and FA movements. Remember : 70% of americans are now overweight (source : http://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-statistics/Pages/overweight-obesity-statistics.aspx [nih.gov]). It pays to cater to the majority.

The Fat Acceptance SJWs think they won a great victory. But if SJW crap falls out of favor, their subreddits will also be shitcanned faster than a CEO racks up dollars in Caymans bank accounts. (By the way, I think Pao was making $500 an hour as CEO, not that high as far as CEOs go.)

FA in my mind stands for “Failure Acceptance” these days. FA: for when you’ve well and truly given up.

Jul 11

Why so many sites seems broken

Because of this bug.

The same bug is in Chrome, though they probably don’t call it a bug.

It arguably made sense not to cache HTTPS content in 2000. Not in 2015. Not caching HTTPS means that when you go back, the page loads afresh from the current URL.

Which means when you go back to look at something, there’s a good chance it won’t be there again.

This is terrible, terrible behavior, anti-user and violates all sorts of usability guidelines.

I used to use Opera because it was the only browser that implemented caching correctly.


Jul 10


Health care premiums going up: Obamacare has been solidified. But it’s failed to control health care inflation.

Last week Oregon’s insurance commissioner, Laura Cali, announced that the state had approved a 25 percent premium increase for the largest health insurer on the state’s exchanges. The second largest insurer did even better: It received permission to boost its monthly charge to consumers by 33 percent.

Oregon might be the first health insurance exchange equivalent of a penguin getting shoved off an ice floe, but it won’t be alone in the freezing-cold waters for long. For example, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee requested an average 36 percent price increase for the plans it offers—after receiving a 19 percent bump last year. And that sounds like a relative bargain compared with Minnesota and New Mexico, where the BlueCross BlueShield family is looking for increases of more than 50 percent. Even if the final numbers are lower than the asks, it seem

But Kevin Drum assured me that the premium increases would “only” be 4.8 percent. What happen!

How dumbass Dems can continue defending the ACA I have no idea.

There was never a chance in hell that the ACA would do anything to control health care costs for individuals. Now that it’s passed and the initial furor has died down, the insurance companies are going to jack the rates right up and continue to do so.

I don’t mind saying I told you so, so: I told you so.

So there.