Sep 13


The nicest restaurant I’d ever been to up until my early 20s was Red Lobster.

Sep 12

Lack Lachrymose

Making Ian Welsh and Chomsky cry just isn’t as fun as it used to be, though. Alas.

Sep 12


I’m old enough to remember when most workplaces and schools used to be much more open — it was also a world where you could meet arriving friends and loved ones at airport gates and walk them there when departing.

It was a better world in those ways. 9/11 was really when things started trending much worse; the optimism and spirit of the 1990s was truly and irrevocably broken that day.

Sep 11


The only car I’ve ever driven with better-feeling brakes than my SS is a Porsche.

I don’t think people realize that their car has trash brakes until they drive something with great braking capabilities and feel.

Sep 11


Right. And this is something American libs wish were true, and are attempting to make real, but most people love air travel and don’t want to give it up.

Anyone who wants to take away long-distance air travel: fuck all y’all.

Sep 11

Put the Um In Uranium

Russia losing in Ukraine — as they now very much are — really ramps up the chances of nuclear shenanigans happening.

I’m still glad they’re being routed, but it could get hairy. And fallout-y.

Sep 11

Not Bloody Mary

Hit the gym, people. I see you and you’re fat and weak. Or rather, stay out of the kitchen and get to the gym.

The only one who can stop you from wallowing in loserdom is right there in the mirror (revelation: it’s you).

Sep 10

No Jess

I had a dream I was just coincidentally sitting next to Jessica Chastain at a movie theater and we were chatting amicably before the film. But then she got up and moved because she thought I was hitting on her. No, dream Jess, I was just trying to be friendly and treat you like a human, not a celebrity. You started talking to ME! Dream Jess you hurt me. You seriously hurt me. 😉