Nov 03


I don’t appear to feel the sense of embarrassment, or at least never have to my knowledge, but there is little more pitiable than watching someone flirt awkwardly.

Nov 03

At first

At first I was mostly agreeing with this, until I made it to this part.

I woke up yesterday morning to a few Facebook status updates from people who don’t like Halloween, and who would never let their kids participate in the evils of trick-or-treating. I was immediately filled with guilt because I allowed my daughter to enjoy herself so much the previous night by letting her dress up in her self-chosen mermaid/fairy combination.

When you care at all about what some fucktards on Facebook think about something that made your daughter happy, you have lost the path of wisdom.

I think the author realizes this, hence his (apparent) decision to stop using Facebook, but still – this idea would never, ever occur to me, to even care.

You humans are weird.

Nov 02


I disagree with this because I hate, hate, hate skeuomorphic design.

It’s the reason I don’t use iBooks despite it being otherwise ok. Anything skeuomorphic I immediately discard, never to be used again.

Nov 02

Flat land

It’s interesting (as in “stupid”) that in times of low AD, we’re arguing about how much important and necessary projects cost when with low interest rates, high unemployment and a fiat currency, money is free and there is no inflation risk.

People who don’t understand the economy – which is most everyone – are doomed to undertake very misguided actions, even the well-meaning people.

Nov 02

The distance

It speaks to how cognitively distant I am from other people in our little human world that I can’t make sense of the idea that anyone actually uses Facebook.

I know it means something to a lot of people, and around a billion people use it at least a bit. I understand all that intellectually, but I can’t process that on any emotional level.

When I think of signing up for Facebook all I feel is revulsion.

Let’s see, a privacy-violating, freedom-killing, internet-threatening mega-corporation run by a sociopath who will sell me out to the highest bidder at the first opportunity.

Well, fuck, that sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Then again, my parents never had to ask me, “If Bobby jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?”

No, for one thing, I would’ve probably been the one jumping off the cliff first and I’d tell Bobby to do whatever the hell he wanted to do, and if I died to tell my parents.

And for another, being social never mattered all that much to me. I like having friends, but I won’t have them at any price like most people will.

That has a lot of disadvantages. But it has a lot of advantages, too. I’ll probably never be one of the people in the guard tower at Auschwitz, thinking I’m walking the path of righteousness. Or going along to get along, at the least.

But it means I’ll always have few friends, no real acquaintances, and lack a support network.

But all in life involves tradeoffs. These happen to suit me best. Others make different choices.

Nov 02


I’ve been using some pro-level image processing software this evening.

The idea of using this on a tablet or a tablet-like or phone-like interface on a PC – fucking ludicrous.

Yeah, I know, 90% of people only consume, never produce. But that 10% is where everything else comes from. There will still need to be an OS and an interface for them – Windows 8, Unity and iOS sure aren’t it.

I have a 30” monitor, and a 23” monitor beside it, and I still don’t quite have enough screen real estate to use this software to its full potential. I could use two 30” monitors, or even three, to be able to use it really well as I need many things open, some of them side-by-side.

Try that on a single-task interface that only allows one things at a time.

I see most people who need to do real work migrating to Linux (perhaps KDE or XFCE) and the pro-level software following them there – meanwhile, everyone else is stuck in the Windows 8 ghetto.

Nov 01


I think Clarissa is correct about sexy halloween costumes.

I was reminded of the date by the proliferation of posts that try to answer the question of why there so many sexy women’s costumes for Halloween and so few sexy costumes for men.

The usual answer of “because women are sexualized by society” makes no sense to me. This is a very Puritanical, prissy society we live in where people tend to have very unhealthy attitudes towards any exhibition of healthy human sexuality.

I do appreciate a good, non-sexy costume because it’s much harder to pull off and because it’s usually more fun.

However, it also bothers me a great deal when I see so many so-called feminists condemning women for wearing sexy costumes – it’s the one damn day of the year they have to step outside of themselves and to do what they want and let their freak flag fly. Tell me, can you think of any other day of the year that women wouldn’t be condemned for dressing how they like? So let them do it. If their sexy costume offends you, the problem is with your whack ass, not with them.

I agree completely that both the proliferation of sexy costumes for women and their condemnation by so many feminists is emblematic of a fundamentally puritanical, sex-hostile society.

I like a great Halloween costume, sexy or not.

America is a weird country – this combination of 15th century values with high tech advancement.

Oct 30

Faster I will be

Another few things about the shittiness of Windows 8.

When I or anyone else complains about the Start menu being removed and replaced with d1Rd8a screen-spanning monstrosity, the Microsoft apologist response is, "It works just the same as the Start menu, it’s just larger!"

And then when I point out that, no, the Windows 7 Start menu does not in fact take up my entire screen, does not have tiles that look like AOL from 1996, and does have ways to customize it extensively, the apologist’s contention is then that, "But you can just search for what you want!"

And of course then when I say, as has been true since the 90s, that I often have so much installed on my computer that I don’t actually recall the name of it until I see it in the list, and thus cannot search for it, there is no sensible response, just that I "hate change."

And then when I say that I don’t want a Start menu that covers up my entire screen, including what I am currently working on, the apologists come up with some poorly-understood pseudoscience about, "But no one can multi-task, it’s been shown scientifically, so you don’t need to see more than one thing at a time."

Of course I point out then that when I am working on an app, and need something from the Start menu, often I don’t know quite what I want, so I need to see the thing I am looking at it and the Start menu at the same time. And then they come back with, "But no one can multi-task, no matter what." Not even addressing the actual point.

When I say that I don’t think a single app should take over my entire 30" monitor with no way to make it smaller, the "But no one can multitask" argument resurfaces, ignoring of course that many people like to compare spreadsheets, folders and many other apps side by side which would be completely impossible with a Metro-like interface.

And then when I discuss the absurdity of Microsoft attempting to remove the ability of the actual computer to multi-task, something that was long-fought and hard-won (I used computers long before multi-tasking was possible, and it sucked.), the response is that, “Well, can only use one app at a time, what does it matter?”

Use only one app at a time? Dumbass, I’ve often had Photoshop batch-processing in the background, while I am ripping CDs or converting a movie, with my IM client running, and while I am listening to music and reading a PDF.

Just because you use your computer like you bought it a Toys ‘R Us does not mean that I do.

I think I hate anyone who likes Windows 8, as there is no way I have anything in common with the people with minds who work so poorly that they like it.

The one great thing, though, is that I will stick with OSes that work, and thus will be vastly more productive over time than those flailing around with their toy OS.

I like that kind of self-inflicted justice.