Sep 11

Put the Um In Uranium

Russia losing in Ukraine — as they now very much are — really ramps up the chances of nuclear shenanigans happening.

I’m still glad they’re being routed, but it could get hairy. And fallout-y.

Sep 11

Not Bloody Mary

Hit the gym, people. I see you and you’re fat and weak. Or rather, stay out of the kitchen and get to the gym.

The only one who can stop you from wallowing in loserdom is right there in the mirror (revelation: it’s you).

Sep 10

No Jess

I had a dream I was just coincidentally sitting next to Jessica Chastain at a movie theater and we were chatting amicably before the film. But then she got up and moved because she thought I was hitting on her. No, dream Jess, I was just trying to be friendly and treat you like a human, not a celebrity. You started talking to ME! Dream Jess you hurt me. You seriously hurt me. 😉

Sep 10


It saddens and enrages me that the libs have gone absolutely gaga over surveillance and censorship. Authoritarianism is not exclusive to the Right. Not at all.

I hate the world we are creating.

Sep 10


A few years ago I figured out that it was now possible to create and place into a database every single 500×500 pixel image that could exist with 32-bit color values. It’d take a good bit of computing, several months, and a petabyte or two of storage, but you could do it.

So…did those images already exist? If so, where were they? Now that they exist (if you did the above), what are they exactly? If a photo you create this way matches one pixel-per-pixel that someone else has taken in the real world, who owns the copyright? What does “copyright” even mean here?

Philosophy is all about discussing the “irrelevant” before it moves out into the world. It helps us prepare and understand, even if it offers no final answers. Philosophy was here already, biding its time, waiting for the unbelievable to become the inevitable.

Sep 10

NP Browse

I mostly use a “normal people” browser on my work computer. And I see why y’all get scammed all the time and why people think smartphones are somehow “more convenient.” The web is a terrible experience and will only get worse — unless you use something like a highly-customized Waterfox.

They of course told you that they had to take away any useful capabilities for “security.” Anyone with half a brain cell knew that was 100% pure perfidy. The reason was so that they could continue to make the web be like it is now.

Too many people fell for it because propaganda works very well, and now here we are.

Sep 09

Sat Up

My ideal phone would have a 4-inch screen, a slideout keyboard, a removable battery that’s pretty thick (so it could last 4-5 days without being recharged), and have no Face ID tech (or anything like that) in it, and would have different OSes that could be installed on it.

And it would also have plug-in modules that could give you things like satphone etc.

I fully realize this phone will never exist though it’s easily realizable with technological capabilities we have today (or even tech from 10 years ago). But I want it anyway. In some ways it’s much sadder to realize something great could exist and never will than to know that it could never exist at all.

Sep 09


Also, why do people ever EVER use Face ID on a phone? Why would you do that? Just why? That’s a comically stupid thing to use. I suspect most of my friends use it. If so, I don’t care. Still comically stupid. If I didn’t say what I think I wouldn’t be me.