Wal-Mart’s customers are so poor that they can’t even afford to shop at Wal-Mart any longer.

I’ve always wondered what would happen when corporations and the rich so gutted middle class wages that those wages would no longer suffice to support an economy and the very corporations doing the economic disembowelment.

Looks like we are well on the way to finding out.


Wow, OMG, Windows 8 lets your run two applications at once!

Holy shit! Will the innovations never cease!

Yeah, ok, my Windows 7 allows me to run as many applications as I have memory and processing power to run, all at the same time. Amazing.

For instance, right now I have nine different applications up that I am actually using and/or looking at.

Usually it’s much more but I rebooted my computer not too long ago.

Funny that multi-tasking is being taken away, and then sort-of given back, and presented like it’s something new.


In the army, my nickname was “Chill” due to my laid-back nature.

But in basic training, my nickname was “Psycho” due to a fight I got into, or rather that someone chose to get into with me.

I guess to them it seemed safe to pick on someone about half their size.

I believe that’s the only time I’ve ever put someone in the hospital.

And nope, I don’t regret it a bit. I’d do it again. Bullies should be smacked down, hard.

The drill sergeants actually thanked me afterward for getting rid of that idiot.

I faced no penalties at all.

Why “Psycho,” though?

Because after the guy was already dazed, even though I am not very coordinated, I was so annoyed and tired of this guy, I did some weird spin move and kicked the guy in the side of the head.

I’m sure it wasn’t elegant or like in an action movie, as my feet are about as coordinated as a bag of biscuits, but as I said the guy was already dazed, and I was awash in not quite “rage,” but the sort of controlled focused awareness one gets when fighting.

That kick up side the head was the whole “hospital” part.

I should’ve stopped before that, but I was fucking fed up with this dude and might’ve killed him if the drills hadn’t stopped me.

I’m glad they did, but I regret not at all what I did.

I believe that’s the first time I’ve ever told anyone that nickname, or that story, as I’m not proud of it really, but it’s true about me and it’s my life. Anyway, only 2-3 people read this blog, and I know and like them all. Anyone else stumbles across it? Such is life.


I had two thoughts while reading this:

1) Banks are evil.

2) I need to make sure most of my assets are overseas sooner rather than later.

When you have enough money that it’s worth it for someone to steal it, but not enough to buy a government, guess you make a pretty good target.

Time to become a harder target.


I was going to write something inane about soulmates, but it might be a useful concept to some. Let them have it.

A few years ago, I was eating lunch with a girl from work. She looked at me strangely for a moment and said, “You’re weird. I think if a few guys with guns came into this restaurant and started shooting the place up, the expression on your face wouldn’t even change.”

I said, “Well, depends on if they shot me or not.”

She said, “See? You’re weird.”


As an addendum to the below, in high school I wrote a 1,200 word paper that was one long grammatically-correct sentence. That was difficult, but fun.

Not really valid

Oh, bullshit.

There are many reasons this “result” is invalid, but the main one is that these tests of complexity are skewed by archaic words that were used (surprise!) more frequently as one goes back in time.

There is also the fact that the circumlocutory style used up until about the early 1960s in formal writing and speech is profoundly unnatural and actually more difficult to understand than phrasings without a hundred barely-connected dependent clauses. (This style of writing is now almost exclusively found in academic papers where it is used as a signaling mechanism.)

Speech and writing complexity does not equal conveyed information or intelligence. Most often, it’s deliberately obfuscatory.

Try reading Richard Feynman write about something extremely complicated and see how clear it can be, and then try reading an average paper about the very same topic to see what I mean.

As another for instance, Shakespeare is only difficult to understand for modern readers due to the archaic and obsolete words, not due to textual complexity. I always laugh when people cite Shakespeare for its awesome complexity, when it’s mostly about as complex for its time as the average Firefly episode.

But it’s greater for that reason, not in spite of it.

I could go on, but don’t put much credence in things like this as it totally ignores the cross-cultural differences, obsolete and archaic words, not to mention that the complexity tests themselves are not in any way a good method of assessment for information actually conveyed.

Office 2013

As if the interface of Office 2013 were not shitty enough, there’s this too.

Only install it on one computer – ever.

Terrible interface, user-hostile licensing, bloated and with no compelling reason to use it. Great job of competing with Google Docs, there.

The old place

This is a list of some of the things wrong with our old place, the one that we hated so much. Some of these we perhaps could have realized before we moved in, but others you only learn by experience. Bitter, terrible experience.

  • no key for front door was ever given to us
  • front door had to be forced closed
  • back door slammed into house, leaving damage
  • back door lock froze up
  • door between kitchen and laundry didn’t have a plate and didn’t close right
  • dryer destroyed clothes
  • floor was uneven
  • couldn’t put cable modem in bedroom because the line under the house had gotten smashed by blocks holding up the house
  • art supply cabinet in kitchen: smell never left and made unsealed food taste bad
  • pull drawers were broken
  • kitchen was too big and poorly designed for its size
  • dark variegated granite kitchen counter tops are impossible to see if they are clean
  • one outlet in kitchen internal breaker was blown and wouldn’t reset
  • drain in kitchen sink occasionally backed up (not a clog)
  • faucet handle had to be in a special position to turn off the water
  • kitchen sink was mounted incorrectly under the countertop leaving a seam that filled with gunk and difficult to clean
  • kitchen sink leaks a little bit
  • ants in kitchen, impervious to the poisons we tried
  • hot water was unpredictable and never hot enough
  • dumpster next door for Asian market left backyard smelling like rotten food
  • garbage from Asian market frequently blew into our backyard
  • noisy fan from Asian market prevented initial computer room layout by making too much noise
  • gate prevented two cars from parking on paving stones
  • gate frequently refused to close, was hard to activate, and broke once
  • garage roof leaked, and infested with rats, mice and cockroaches, ruined many items stored in garage
  • garage car door finicky and wouldn’t close with single click
  • screw and nail holes were left in every room, sometimes holes larger than 1″ diameter
  • possums occasionally banged against the bottom of the house at night
  • hot water didn’t work in the tub in 2nd bathroom
  • hot water heater behind screwed shut wall
  • handles for cupboards in laundry room only attached by one screw
  • tiles layed in bathrooms and laundry room were incorrectly installed and left gaps
  • toilet broke in the 2nd bathroom, with disintegrating rubber in the tank, and so old shutoff valve wouldn’t turn nor could find replacement parts
  • fan broken in 2nd bathroom
  • towel rack was unassembled in the 2nd bathroom
  • only half of paint job was finished in 2nd bedroom, with blue on half and white on half of the floor boards
  • frequent inexplicable power blips (not during thunderstorms)
  • closet door in 2nd bedroom didn’t fit right in the door frame and sometimes to be forced to open
  • lights in master and 2nd bedroom closets were failing. We replaced the master bedroom light fixture
  • water bills were very high due to sprinkler system mostly watering shitty half bare lawn
  • nasty brown carpet color and dingy wall color in master bedroom
  • master bedroom door was falling apart, didn’t have clearance over the carpet, wouldn’t close due to not fitting in the door frame right
  • master bedroom closet door not fully installed, leaning against the closet door frame and won’t clear carpet
  • 3rd light in master bedroom fixture was intermittent
  • master bedroom closet shelving not mounted to stud and screws pulling out the wall
  • missing door between master bedroom and bath
  • master bathroom toilet would keep running unless conflobulated*
  • master bathroom toilet seat not anchored very well and shifts around
  • master bathroom toilet paper holder fell out of wall (not mounted to a stud)
  • master bathroom shower custom sized and too long for standard shower curtain
  • no fan in the master bathroom leaving bathroom and bedroom damp for hours after a shower
  • shower rod in master bathroom fell down and had to be reglued
  • shower floor in master bathroom was barely angled enough to drain water and so a lot of standing water and soap scum accumulated
  • missing doorstops
  • breaker box outside, and labeled incorrectly
  • renovation done inexpertly and by amateurs who appeared to just “eyeball”, not plan, or measure correctly
  • front door steps were broken and worsening
  • home alarm system disarmed but beeped constantly
  • phone line was lying on the garage roof and then broke, tearing down some of the roof eaves edging
  • third bedroom bedroom coat hanger racks were too close to the wall to let normal hangers hang freely
  • third bedroom closet top shelf was not braced so could hold very little weight
  • ac thermostat temperature increased when ac turned on (short?), and so only functioned as on/off, not temperature regulating

That list is not comprehensive. That place was worse than many places I’ve lived in and stayed at in the 3rd World. So glad to be gone.

*A combination of wiggling it, cursing, and wishing for an arsonist to burn the whole fucking place to the ground.