Nov 03

A nation of immigrants

When people say that the United States is a “nation of immigrants” to support open borders and other shameful policies, that is a true statement.

What is also true that this “nation of immigrants” eradicated somewhere between 2 million and 40 million people who were here well before any of us.

So I am not sure what sort of great lesson I am supposed to take from this “nation of immigrants” crap?

Nov 03


This article is exceedingly stupid and easily disproven by history.

But I’ll let my readers discover where he pulls the old switcheroo. It’s pretty obvious after some thought, but Ridley — whom I’ve read before — is a good writer and so as befits any skilled rhetorician it’s hard to look behind his curtain of deceit.

Nov 02

Tra la lolley

It’s funny that the trolley problem thought experiment which had become so déclassé to talk about — man, you were just so uncool — is highly relevant to problems faced by driverless cars.

Thought experiments are frowned upon because they often force one to think about unpleasant eventualities in the service of making better choices, but they are really useful for discovering the problem space and the consequences of various solutions.

Of course one has to be very careful to avoid false dichotomies and other framing errors which can creep in.

Nov 01


I really like Halloween costumes, though I’m generally too lazy to dress up. It’s a rare time — increasingly frowned-on in our culture unless you are a member of an officially approved oppressed group — for one to become someone else entirely. But one thing about being a celebrity is that you can afford to pay for a really nice costume and all the make-up people, costumers, etc., to really do something cool.

Emily Ratajakowski as Marge Simpson takes the cake, though.

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(She was the grad student Ben Affleck’s character in Gone Girl was sleeping with, by the way.)

Nov 01

Check out Sweden in 30 years

I don’t write about conservative ideas and fantasies because they are pretty much all some combination of stupid, deranged, and delusional.

Only about half of liberal ideas are stupid, deranged, and delusional so since I am a liberal I try to separate out those.

One of the most idiotic liberal fantasies is that unrestricted mass immigration (open borders policies) from countries with Enlightenment-hostile ideologies will result in something good for anything but a small subset of people, for a very short time.

If you don’t believe, watch what’s going to happen to Sweden in 30 or 40 years. Unfortunately liberals are 90% immune to evidence whereas conservatives are 100% immune, so Sweden’s example will be some “exception,” I’m sure.

Nov 01


This is so awesome despite the poor video and audio quality.

Sure it’s cultural appropriation or something equally evil, but shit I do not care.

Oct 31

No ♂

I generally don’t use Pandora or any similar recommendation service because there is no way to tell it “no male artists.”

I’m generally not interested in male artists and I like them in roughly 1/20 the proportion of female artists.

Eliminating that factor would improve Pandora and similar services a lot for me.

Oct 31

The web is gone

This was a surprisingly moving piece for being so brief.

I remember well the early days of the web, full of promise and interesting people. No Facebook. No Twitter. Cool people doing fascinating things all around you. Smart people just everywhere.

No more.

I love the Web so much, like more than is probably sane and healthy for a non-human entity, but nearly every other good thing in my life has happened because of it. And that Web is going quickly, if not already gone.

The same for me. I met my wonderful, amazing partner on the web 13 years ago now because we both liked Linux. Not on a dating site, just a completely accidental encounter on ICQ. ICQ is now a ghost town and replaced with things far worse and less useful. And I was there for and participated in the early days of blogging, starting my first blog in 1999 before there was the word “blog,” coding the HTML by hand and also a little later installing the then-new blogging software completely manually.

I had more readers then than I do now, even though I was a worse writer then — in fact, about 100 times more readers, because today people can’t be bothered to step outside  of Facebook and other worthless hellholes.

So, yes, that web is gone already. Facebook and the invasion of the know-nothings killed it.

And I hate them for it, and will always hate them.

Oct 31

Pop up

The Real Population Problem.

Anyone who thinks there will be 10+ billion people on earth in 200 years is a doofus. I’d estimate between 200 to 500 million, with small but real possibility of extinction — say for instance if climate change precipitates resource wars which then go nuclear.

The world will look drastically, shockingly different in 200 years. That is just the reality.

I won’t be around to see it, and there will be far fewer people to do the seeing for that matter.