Jun 20


Television News Covers Women’s Sports Less Today Than It Did 25 Years Ago.

Which is too bad. I generally prefer when I watch sports to watch women play as men try to dominate with solely raw power, while women’s sports tend to be more about finesse and strategy.

For this reason years ago I used to love watching the tennis player Martina Hingis.

Unlike people like Maria Sharapova or basically anyone on the men’s side, she wasn’t particularly tall or strong and she didn’t hit the ball all that hard (comparatively — her lightest non-strategic strike is probably harder than I’ve ever hit it in real play), but she was simply smarter than her competition.

My favorite game of hers that I recall is during some massive rally she ran up to the net and it appeared she was about to completely slam the ball. Instead, she waited until the last possible moment and just ever so lightly tapped the ball so that it lollygagged barely over the net right in front of her competitor.

It was a perfect shot because it was unexpected and confusing. It made returning her other shots harder. It meant that the other player now had no strategy because Hingis had become completely unpredictable.

I didn’t know she was still playing doubles until just now, but doubles isn’t as fun to watch.

Jun 18


This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

No, no, trans fat was banned because it’s fucking terrible for you.

If these FA types spent even half as much time actually trying to lose weight as they do writing such specious BS they’d probably lose a hell of a lot of weight. A hell of a lot.

The AMA classified obesity as a disease because, well, it is.

Reminds me I vowed never to go to Shakesville, and am now chastising myself for breaking that vow.

Shakesville is alas its own penance.

Jun 18


I’m sure I’ll be accused of being a huge troglodyte, but I can’t say I really understand the difference between people like Caitlyn Jenner who claim to be* transsexual and people like Rachel Dolezal who claim to be transracial.

Is there any substantive difference? If so, what is it? What rhetorical, philosophical and sociological knots must most of the left twist itself into to assert their definitive difference?

Both are co-opting and inhabiting lived experiences that are not their own.

I fail to see the difference, really.

*I am not evaluating truth claims here. But claims precede action in this case and most others.

Jun 17

Extinction of reason

Good grief, this is depressing.

Some 41 percent of people around the world get their news from Facebook each week, a number that towers over Twitter (at 11 percent) despite the media’s obsession with the Twitterverse.

I’m not surprised, really, but I feel a way for which there is no word in English. Like when you drop your ice cream cone but you don’t even like that flavor but are still sad it’s on the microbe-ridden macadam. And oh yeah, everyone is an idiot. That too.

Facebook is the best method for surveillance and social control ever invented. If they weren’t completely in bed with the NSA, FBI and others I’d be utterly shocked.

Jun 16


Found another mugshot of a family member on one of those mugshot sites. First cousin this time.

Last time I saw him, I think he was three or four years old.

And another brother of a close friend from that time.

I look not to make fun of those people. It’s to remind myself that I could’ve been — and used to be — those people.

Jun 13

MBAs and IT

Having MBAs in charge of IT at every level is one of the stupidest business decisions that can be made, yet it’s consistently done.

It doesn’t rein in costs, which is the intent. It probably raises them.

Yet it’s the default.

IT obviously needs business oversight. But the way it’s done it hurts the business more than helps it.

How many times could I have spent $10,000 to save a million later in my IT career? A dozen? More?

But was shot down my some MBA.

And sometimes the savings would be in weeks or months, not the long term.

Jun 13

But it’s impossible!

Actual ACA increases by large insurers.

Looks like so far it’s all double digits. This was predictable. Despite the penalties, those most likely to sign up for Obamacare are those already sick or unhealthy.

This means it’ll have a terrible risk pool.

Basically the ACA did nothing to fix the health care system, but instead applied a band-aid over a gaping wound while Democrats went around explaining how everything was all better and that blood coming out and pooling on the floor? All imaginary!

Obamacare was designed to funnel money to insurers. But it appears that for the most part it isn’t even doing that.

Shit, it can’t even do evil right.

Jun 12


By the way, still possible to get pictures of cute female corpses at Reddit.

Why? Cute female corpses don’t complain! Ain’t writing no letters. Aren’t throwing their weight around.

They can’t. They’re dead.

Fuck I hate Ellen Pao. And all capitalists, really. But particularly her at the moment.

Jun 12

The letters

Well now I can add some more letters after my name.

Got a new cert yesterday.

Here’s the ones I currently hold: RHCE, MCSE, VCP-DCV (4&5), CCNP, ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation is the new one.

I have many, many other certs that are intermediate, but those are my “terminal” highest-level ones.