Jan 11


For both a project at work that I’ve been tackling and a personal project, it would’ve been useful to have three 30” monitors.

How people can claim that anyone can get by on a tiny-ass tablet with a phone OS I have no idea.

Most people must not be doing that much very consequential, or are slow thinkers. (I think slow thinkers do better on small screens for some reason. Note: being a slow thinker does not necessarily mean dumb.)

Jan 10


Until I started researching, I’d forgotten how damn good the food in Savannah and Charleston is, and how impoverished is the food culture in Florida. A “foodie” here is someone who doesn’t consider taking a date to McDonald’s.

There’s more quality food in one town (Savannah) than there is in the entirety of Florida. No exaggeration at all.

I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because people who hate eating well move to this state.

Jan 10


I was peeking in again at this long Making Light thread about dysfunctional families, and I noticed something.

Almost all of the posters and the recipients of abuse are women. I’m guessing this is because women are expected/required in our culture to do the emotional heavy lifting in a family.

Fewer women probably – as I did – say “fuck all ya’ll” and never talk to any family ever again.

One of the best things I ever did.

This is not to say that the women in question are behaving incorrectly. Everyone is at least partially and sometimes wholly a construct of their social milieu. Only a few people break even partially free. I think I was one of them, but then again I have a very atypical personality profile and am a frequent outlier.

I don’t do regret very well as I have a good life and thus all my choices ineluctably lead me to where I am now, but the only opportunity cost I am paying is that I never got to know my nieces.

Every choice comes with a debt and a payment, even the ones we don’t realize. Such is living in this world.

Jan 10

Baying at the moon

I had no idea the most ridiculous scene in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor (but also the best in an otherwise bad movie) actually happened in real life, almost exactly as portrayed.

After spending the night of December 6 getting drunk and having fun, the two men passed out early in the morning. The next day, they were awakened by the sounds of what they thought were U.S. Navy drills, but turned out to be Japanese aircraft swooping in and destroying everything in sight.

Quickly realizing that they didn’t want to sit there and do nothing, they called the small, relatively unknown Haleiwa Fighter Strip and ordered two aircraft readied for a fight.

The two then hopped into a car and sped all the way to the airfield. And they were totally shot at by the Japanese planes, just like in the movie.

Once they arrived at the airfield, they jumped into their aircraft and took off, without permission. From there they proceeded to take on any Japanese planes they happened across, despite being outnumbered a mind-blowing 175 to 1.

Brave or crazy? Is there a difference sometimes?

Jan 08


I need to make a will. I don’t want my family to get jack shit if I die, and I very much want to make sure my partner does get whatever I have if I happen to die in a tragic hang gliding accident.

And if we both die in aforementioned tragic hang gliding accident, I want to make sure a friend of mine gets the loot.

To do before this year is out, then.

Jan 08


It will be warm enough this week in Florida – in the middle of winter – that we might have to run the AC.

Shit yeah, Florida rules sometimes.

Jan 08


I agree with this; don’t waste my time. I don’t have much of it. No one does.

Like one of the commenters, I have walked out of the lobby of a building after they wasted over an hour of my time as I sat there waiting for the interviewer.

Wasting my time? Probably not a good place to work. Done.

Jan 08

Meat me here

No one will believe it now, but I’d venture by 2060 nearly all the meat consumed will be lab-grown.

There will be a tiny market for “pasture grown” gourmet meat, about like the market now for truffles or similar. But almost everyone will eat the far cheaper and actually-available grown meat.