Jan 16


Oh, fucking fuck yes!

Interestingly, Acer reportedly plans to sell ultra-high-resolution desktop monitors, as well.

Since it’s Acer, it means it’ll be a consumer product and not cost $15,000.

I will be first in line for this. I’ve been waiting years and years for this to come about. My eyes, they will be saved, saved I tell you!

Jan 16


One of the careers I considered after the army was being a CIA field officer, of the NOC variety.

Now kind of wishing I did that so I’d have a lot of legit fake IDs to avoid the new social networking hell the world is becoming.

Jan 16


Looks like it will soon be inevitable that I will have to join Facebook for career reasons.

I will resist as long and as hard as I can, just as I have LinkedIn (which is nearly a requirement for IT people these days)

I am still not a member of either site.

I really hate social everything. Really, really hate it.

Jan 16

Ah, bullshit

This is about programmers (which I am not), but speak for yourself, neurotypicals.

But even programmers should be sleeping at night. We are not some race of super humans. Even programmers feel more alert during the day.

I am not super human – or at least I haven’t found the right color of sunlight yet – but I have never felt more alert during the day. Not when I was four and not now.

It’s likely true that there aren’t very many like me, but I feel most alert between midnight to 3AM. That’s where 60% of my work gets done, and where probably 95%+ of my best work gets done.

Jan 15


Still trying to wrap my my mind around why anyone would want to use Windows 8. And eventually I am sure my four readers will get tired of hearing me rant about this, but sub-standard OSes make my world substantially worse.

Since the craze of making everything resemble a phone and/or tablet, many OSes have become unusable to me – I can no longer use mainstream Ubuntu, any OS that uses Gnome Shell, and now Windows. I can still use Mac OS (as long as I do so on a retina-class display, otherwise the fonts are too blurry), though I am not sure how long it will be before that OS is also converted into a clowny phone OS.

I do take solace as I’ve already mentioned that even those who think they are more efficient will be much slower and much less productive on such an abomination. It will give me fewer people to be competitive with in the workplace, and that is a good thing as far as it goes.

And I am pretty confident in saying that as often (it has been shown repeatedly in studies) that things people perceive as making them more productive actually often do not – like the sneering keyboard-only users who condemn mouse users as dabblers and incompetents while study after study shows that mouse-as-primary users are just as quick at all tasks as the keyboard snobs.

It has to do with cognitive load – if something requires a greater cognitive load, then it’s perceived as being more efficient. And not being able to see your windows, being able to only single-task, and having no way to organize things in Windows 8 will certainly present a much-higher overall cognitive load.

To be fair, I think Windows 8 is probably a fine – and maybe even a good – tablet OS.

Using it on a desktop, laptop or anything with a screen larger than 11” is a damn nightmare. How could it be otherwise? My 30” monitor is not a touch-screen phone, for fuck’s sake. I can see many, many apps on a screen that large. And I often do. Not to mention that I have another large monitor, and in the future I will likely add one more as well, for three total. Using a phone OS on that will not even be an option.

I can’t believe Microsoft has no OS – and no plans for an OS – for professionals.

It’s been absolutely ridiculous seeing full-blown idiots who use their machines only for playing Angry Birds and watching cat videos tell me that a phone OS is “good enough for anyone.”

Great, someone who clicks on two icons ever telling me how to use a box with 32GB of RAM, hundreds of apps and that sometimes bogs down even with all the power it has.

Jan 15

Job laugh

Here’s another of those increasingly-common job ads that makes me laugh.

There is literally no one on the planet – I guarantee it – that knows all of these things to the level this company is requesting.

And if there were someone (there isn’t), they would never work for $34-$51K.

People who know well only one of those things (like the listed VMware) command salaries in the 80K+ range, for instance.

Hell, I made above 60K a year many years ago by knowing only Exchange and Outlook really, really well.

This part made me laugh so hard I almost fell out my chair (what I’ve made bold in conjunction with the rest of the ad):

• Intermediate Networking / Wifi Admin: Firewall, NAT
• Small Business & Enterprise Support: Security / Active Directory / Network Management / Business Process Improvement / Remote Support / POS Systems / Quickbooks Support / Microsoft Exchange / Google Cloud Services / Individual Device Integration w Enterprise / Email Server Admin
• Managed Services: cloud backup / Web hosting & admin / maintenance schedules / remote network management / SaaS
• Strong Project Management / Time Management Skills
Basic carpentry / construction skills
• Internet Marketing: graphic/web design & development / App Development / Social Media / PayPerClick and other online advertising tactics
• Ability to efficiently manage material purchasing, cost of labor, client relationships
• Ability to Manage Team of 5 very unique individuals.

Note that this is an IT job.

If there were such a person competent in all of these areas (which is actually physically impossible), they could probably easily get a 150K+ a year job somewhere.

Tonight before I go to bed, I am going to send an email lambasting these assclowns. I know it won’t help anything, but lately as I’ve gotten older I just don’t give a shit.

I like taking potshots at the idiots when I can, just for fun.

Jan 14

Ice 9

I contributed a fairly significant amount of money to a charity drive that my company was having, after I’d determined that the charity was legit and non-religious. My company matched it dollar for dollar. I was tempted to put in a truly absurd amount to see what they’d do, but decided not to tempt fate.

The purpose was to allow parents to buy Christmas presents and other holiday-related items for kids (and families) in need.

I don’t write this to make myself look better, as I really couldn’t care less about that. But what started me thinking about it is the thank-you cards, and that lead to thoughts of private charity vs. government programs.

But first, it was really cool today seeing the cards from the families, in their own handwriting, that we received this morning. That really humanizes the gifts and their meaning. One of the notes said, “My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gifts and making this Christmas so joyous and special for our first born and that it is his first Christmas.”

Things like that thaw even an icy old heart like mine. I wish I’d given more; next year.

But it also makes me realize that it is a travesty how rich we are as a society and how little our government does to assist those in need – in fact, how much it has done lately, at the behest of the rich, to purloin form the poor and to heave all that wealth over to the already-wealthy.

And of course wasting money to persecute those like Aaron Swartz, and to strip away Social Security benefits.

Private charity can never – and shouldn’t have to – replace that. As much as my heart was thawed by those cards offering obviously heartfelt thanks, my punching fist was also in full wanting-to-punch Hulk Smash mode as I thought of all those conservatives and banksters who are responsible for the suffering of these families.

Never have I felt such commingled amity and hatred as I did when reading those cards.

I don’t mind a bit giving something to help. I have more than I need.

I do very much mind that what these families need was literally stolen from them by predatory psychopaths who are getting more dominant over time.

Jan 14


After the death of Aaron Swartz, even more so than in the past, I will do everything in my power to bamboozle, swindle, rip off and destroy the copyright industries who are making the entire world worse.

So many people think it doesn’t matter who owns and controls the information in a society.

Other than having food, air and water, literally nothing could matter more.

Jan 13


What’s the strangest book or book-like thing you’ve ever read?

Me, it was the flight manual for the 747. I had no particular reason for reading it; mainly I just wanted to know what all the dials did when I looked into the cockpit on entering an airliner.

Now I do. Though it was very boring.

Jan 11


Nothing like waking up from a dream feeling like you are covered in blood.

In the dream, you kill some guy who’d been attempting to murder his wife – you distract him to stop him, but he gets the upper hand for a moment and is on top of you, then you stab him in the neck with your knife before he can stab you first.

Took a few moments to realize the blood was in my dream, not reality.