Part of It All

The left’s denial that biophysical evolution has occurred and is still occurring to humans has resulted at least in part in the horrors of our built environment. If you posit as much of the liberal faction does, that humans have no evolutionary history and are infinitely adaptable and moldable, then it matters not that you embed them in horribly-designed cities, have them dwell in sepulchral concrete boxes and enact aesthetic crimes upon them. Because for these liberals there is nothing there but a tabula rasa, no environment that we’ve evolved for and is more salubrious for us, for that would imply we had been molded by our genes and our environment to be a certain way.

Of course, all the evidence points the other way. We’ve evolved to prefer and be enhanced by contact with nature, to enjoy color and variety, to like trees and to be biophilic in general. This is our evolutionary history and nature. Sure, some liberals are waking up to to this fact and dispensing with their hatred of the idea that humans evolved like every other living creature. But mostly, it’s too little, too late.