Pass It On

I love love love how angry passport bros make modern HR-optimized feminists.

If I weren’t with my amazing partner, I’d probably be doing the passport bro thing too. American women have been utterly poisoned by social media and believe absolutely insane things about how relationships work and their own value as a partner. Who would want to have anything to do with that? You’d have to be fucking insane to want to.

Foreign women aren’t perfect. No one and no group of people is. But for most men, there are enormously better options overseas. Go for it if you have the resources. Even if you don’t meet the right one (or many right ones), I doubt you’ll regret it.

(Passport bros infurate modfems because they see it as breaking the rules of competition they’ve established, among other things. It makes them apoplectic that they aren’t the ones being fought over. It has fuck all to do with protecting women. And I love it.)