It’s strange how even feminists consider women to be adults only when they are 28+, but consider men to be adults then they are 15-16. This contrast can be seen often when discussion of age differences in relationships come into play in regards to women and how these male high school students — who were very much children — were treated by feminists.

I barely even know who these people are in the tweet, but the dude in question is being accused of “grooming” someone he met when she was 20. A twenty year old woman is a full-ass adult in every country in the world. If she can’t make her own decisions, who can?

Why are “feminists” so very eager to remove women’s agency and treat them like children? I have to say I do not get it. Of course, it’s mostly about dating market competition elimintation and assortative mating prerferences, but we can’t talk about that.

Grooming! She’s obviously a 24-year-old child woman and he was grooming her the whole time in his nefarious scheme.

I suspect feminists wouldn’t like the world they think they are creating as much as they believe they would now.

All our ideologies are dead, worthless, destructive. All of them. What will be next?