Poettering is a moron

Wasn’t surprised to see that Lennart “I’m a moron” Poettering closed this systemd bug where you can brick your actual hardware by running rm on an improperly-rw mounted firmware fileystem.

The problem with open source is that one powerful person who is relatively clueless and untalented like Poettering can do a lot of damage that is nearly irreversible.

Sure, this can happen outside of open source too, but someone like Poettering is even more difficult to unseat once he or she seizes the reins because the feedback of profit doesn’t work quite the same way. That Poettering is doing this at the behest of Red Hat is clear, but Red Hat actually doesn’t care much either way about user experience (since they peddle enterprise solutions) so Poettering’s disruption of Linux’s ecosystem and destruction of sanity and security no matter how it is achieved is probably always to their net benefit (disaster capitalism in Linux form).

It’s always been a myth that you cannot damage hardware with software (back in the old days it was easily possible to destroy your CRT by setting improper modelines in xorg.conf) but not bricking your fucking system easily seems to be something that systemd and Poettering should be concerned with.

But his is the Way and the Light, and anyone else is not only wrong but also not properly enlightened.