Wow, this is powerful stupid. A lot of the left needs to study the more valid parts of economics. I know, it’s hard to tell which portions are worth anything. Right now, I don’t feel like writing something explaining how international demand works, but study substitution effects and income effects for greater understanding of at least parts of why this tweet is doofy.

There is also no universe where more than three billion consumers worldwide are going to spontaneously change their behavior while an entire phased array of propaganda and aspiration is aligned against them 24/7. Why would someone even think this, believe this? How can you be so clueless? Is it just misplaced hope? Because it would take about that many to make any substantial difference — see the economics I mentioned above for reference.

I do wonder how many people like this Miranda person are paid corporate shills. I haven’t researched this person specifically but a bet a whole lot of them are.