Don’t really care about hip sway, hourglass figure, or long hair at all. I mean, it’s fine either way, but a lot of the things that are supposed to be feminine do nothing or nearly nothing for me. Physically, not being fat matters a lot to me. And no tattoos. I’d never date someone long-term with tattoos because they turn me off too much. I don’t really have an ideal type, though I prefer women on the taller-than-average side. Personality makes so much difference, though — this is all just broad generalization.

And for the most part I’d prefer having my tongue in or on someone’s vagina* than mouth. After all, most women don’t stuff food in their vaginas. So no, I don’t find vaginas gross at all. Quite the opposite, to say the least!

I was looking for photos of a more preferred figure and got bored, so instead enjoy this photo of two twin contortionists/gymnasts that I think is cute:

Their names are Julietta and Magdalena (not their real names). Bonus photo of them:

That said, I think they have pretty ideal female bodies (for my taste). Athletic, trim, no tattoos, and obviously confident. Confidence does in fact go a long way.

*Yes, I know anatomically where the vagina is. I’m using the colloquial phrasing here.