Was just thinking that the main reason Naomi Wu is disdained and punished is because she is one of the few technologists who does not pretend to be asexual and does not act like a prude.

I wrote the above before I went to her Twitter and saw this great thread:

This is liberal white feminists, mostly, attacking her, too. Often those in the technology field. I know it sucks when someone is both a far better techie than you are and better looking to boot, but come on.

Not everyone should have to dress up like burqa-clad ascetics to fit into the tech world. And note again that this is all women punishing her, not men. Wu might run into different problems with men but not like she does with techie women. Women really, really hate Wu.

As for me, she is one of my favorite techies because she’s not a prude and does not countenance white feminism at all.